Make Art That Sells-Part A-Final Week!

Lilla Rogers: Make Art That Sells E-Course

I am currently being challenged (and getting my butt kicked!) in an online class with Lilla Rogers, an artist rep whose personal work and artists' work I have admired for a long time. These two collage paintings are my work from the 4th week of the class which covered "wall decor". So-o-o-o much fun, taking the collage techniques of my farm paintings and creating something new and fresh and using words for inspiration.

Through the class, which is on the last and final week of Part A, I have found Lilla to be an inspiring and thought provoking teacher and leader.  She understands artists because she is a very talented one first and foremost!  From my point of view, Lilla has inspired each artist to hold on to the part of themselves that is different from everyone else!  That is where your magic and uniqueness as an artist will come from.  The more personal you can make your work, the better to connect with an audience who appreciates it.

Join Part B of 
Make Art That Sells 
Oct.7-Nov. 10, 2013
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This five weeks of the class will cover the categories of Papergoods, Children's and Baby Apparel & Decor, Scrapbooking, Editorial, and Party Paper.

Each week has time for design research, inspiration, sketching, inspiration, painting, inspiration, interacting with other artists, a final assignment, and did I mention...INSPIRATION?!  

All in all, a great big creative brain wake up call!

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