New Illustration In Click Magazine

When I was a kid my sister and I would always make fortune tellers with choices like "You will be a millionaire" or "(insert neighbor boy's name from the bus) is in love with you"!

This new illustration for February 2014 Click Magazine is a story starter that uses a fortune teller. It lets a child come up with a place, character and object to create a story around.

I still think you could insert the name of your favorite neighbor boy in your story!


Imagination can get you through winter....

I created this collage painting for a talented golfer who made a hole-in-one at hole #5 at the Mercer County Elks golf course. A great memory of what she calls "the prettiest spot at the Elks" I'd have to agree although on the day I took pictures it was snowy and cold!!

I had to remember how beautiful summer in Ohio can be and "green" up the landscape in the photo. I created the collage below...given as a Christmas gift by a sweet daughter to her golfing mother.

All together now..."think Spring"!!


Farm Sweet Farm

Around Christmas every year I start to feel a little bit like Santa Claus, working on commissions that are going to be given as gifts and then making sure I do not spoil the surprise with a phone call or email to the wrong person.
This beautiful location in St. Henry, Ohio has new barns, tons of charm, and would make anyone want to be a farmer...or at least have a beautiful garden!