My Ohio Collage Paintings at MacDowell Gallery

Rusty Roof  8 x 10 - Collage on canvas panel
I am currently the featured artist at the MacDowell Gallery located at Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana.
Twenty paintings of my favorite subject - farms and barns and beautiful skies! - will be on exhibit until the end of December.

Located on the second floor of Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana, the MacDowell Gallery showcases approximately six regional artists or special events each year.  The gallery primarily features oils, watercolors, mixed media and photography. 
“As patients, families and visitors walk this Reid campus, art plays an essential role in the calming atmosphere we strive to create,” says Foundation Director, JasonTroutwine.  “Most people at Reid are dealing with serious issues.  Art, piano, and gardens seem to provide a brief escape.”
The gallery, named for the former CEO of Reid Hospital, Barry MacDowell, is administered by Edward Thornburg, Adjunct Professor of Art at Indiana University East.
Gallery hours are 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

Shadowy Evening 12 x 12 - Collage on Canvas


  1. I love the reasoning behind the gallery, looks wonderful!!

  2. In addition to this gallery, Reid has an inspiring collection of large scale art and sculpture throughout the hospital. Thanks Renee!